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Ya Juu Tang Hak

"Yar Juu Tarng Hark" is a romantic movie produce by "Three Brothers" in Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar. The main characters are Sai Khem Kham and Ying Nong. In this movie, Ying Nong could perform well as a famous business woman. This movie became well-known among the Shan people. Please spare some of your time to watch this movie to promote our Shan movie.

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Luck Phoy Seng Li

The name of the movie is "Luck Phoy Seng Li" published by "Heinn" video production. The main actor in this movie is "Sai Leik" who is also a model in Myanmar. The summary of the movie is about the diamond which is very expensive in the pagoda. People are trying to steal that diamond while the actor and his friend attempt to protect from being stolen by the thieves.

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Ai Zok Movies

In 2004, the movie "Aik Zok Zarng Pet" was the first movie that launch in the movie theater in Shan State. The movie is about the story of a boy named "Aik Zok" who used to cheat people even his parents. His story has been told by generation by generation to children. A story of Aik Zok was published as Shan cartoon in the past. Now, this is his movie that can get watch via online or buy VCD at any Shan shop.

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